Older Technical Publications

Older technical publications

  1. On the Velocity Distribution of Low Velocity Stars in the Solar Neighborhood, American Astronomical Society Meeting, March 1966, U. Van Wijk, 
  2. GLSWS - General Least Squares With Statistics, Technical Report No. 579, University of Maryland, 1966, W.E. Daniels
  3. Hall and Field Effect Measurements on Tl, In, and Sn Films, Bull. Am. Phys. Soc. 10, 519, 1965, W.E. Daniels, S.K. Ghosh and R.E. Glover.
  4. An Evaluation of the Main Geomagnetic Field, 1940-1962, J.G.R 70, 1965, W.E. Daniels and J.C. Cain.
  5. Shifts in Superconducting Transition Temperature with Changes in Carrier Concentration, Proc. Int. Symposium on Basic Problems in Thin Film Physics,    Clausthal, Germany, Sept. 1965, W.E. Daniels, S.K. Ghosh and R.E. Glover.
  6. The Effect of Annealing on the Field Effect in Gold and Other Metals, Thesis1966
  7. R.E. Glover, S.K. Ghosh, and W.E. Daniels, Proc. 10th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics, Moscow, Sept. 1966.
  8. An Evaluation of the Confidence Levels of the Spherical Harmonic Coefficients for the Geomagnetic Field, A.G.U. 45, 1964, W.E. Daniels and J.C. Cain.
  9. Electrical Conductivity of NaCl during High Temperature Creep, J. Appl. Phys, 32, 1265, 1961, W.E. Daniels and R.W. Christy

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